Intercommunication was difficult in Malatya until recent years due to the undulating land. However, intercommunication of Malatya is newly being supplied by overland routes, railway and airways. There are overland and railway services from Central and Mediterranean Anatolia regions to Malatya and passing through Malatya to the East and South-eastern Anatolian region. By airway the intercommunications are provided from Malatya to Istanbul Ankara and Izmir directly or indirectly. Besides, there is a boat shuttles on Karakaya Dam lake from Malatya side to Baskil there are Winter and Summer flights in Erhac Airbase 30kms away from Malatya. These flights tariffs are for Ankara and Istanbul. There are regular bus services driving by the asphalt roads to largest cities and throughout Turkey.

There is a bus terminal of all villages and towns surrounding Malatya for the intercommunication as well. Intercommunication among all overland routes has been supplied, connecting to the routes coming from the east, west, north and south. Malatya is only connected to its districts (Hekimhan, Battalgazi, Doghanshehir and Yazihan with railways. The Connection is just only supplied with the rest by overland routes. Erhac Airport is suitable for the every kind of planes to land down and fly in the winter and summer. Regular flights are available everyday of the week.

All these roads which have affected economy of Malatya in the affirmative way that is this regular inter-communicative network plays an important role for the commerce and Industrial centre.

Freight warehouses and Logistic Agents which are built on the parallelized roads with each others have a capacity enable to serve for every kind of loads. Principal Custom House which has been built in recent years and customs entry and exits has been expected to be opened will supply more opportunities for direct export in Malatya.

Distance of hastened highway construction between Malatya-Adiyaman will be 75 km shorter and arrive to GAP region and our southern neighbour countries by the shortest way.

Malatya is situated at the crossroad binding the Central Anatolia, the Mediterranean, the Eastern Anatolia, South-eastern Anatolia regions to each other with the highways and railways. Furthermore, Malatya is bound by International airway network with its own airport called by its name. 300 numbered State Highway pass through Malatya, including belt line, too.

Highway connection of Malatya with centres of the districts is asphalt.

A part of land road is asphalt and another side is stabilized raw soil. Displacement of Malatya to some important commercial centers are the following; to Ankara 668 km, Izmir 1231 km, Mersin 468 km, Istanbul 1126 km, Bursa 1047 km, Samsun 638 km and Adana 417 km. Displacement of Malatya to the neighbour cities are such as; to Elazigh 99 km, Kayseri 354 km, Kahramanmaras 226 km, Erzincan 369 km, Adiyaman 188 km, Sivas 270 km, Diyarbakır 253 km, Tunceli 236 km and Gaziantep 244 km. The nearest district center to Malatya is 9 kms. Displacements of the other district centres are as follows; to Puturge 75 km, Hekimhan 68 km, Darende 114 km, Arapgir 120 km, Arguvan 73 km, Dogansehir 58 km, Doganyol 102 km, Kale 38 km, Kuluncak 94 km, Yazihan 34 km, Akçadag 37 km and Battalgazi 10 km. Malatya has a specific crossroad of land road as much as railway. It has railway network to Adana, to Ankara and Istanbul via Sivas, to Iran via Elazigh, to Diyarbakir via Kurtalan. Length of railway network in the city is 238 kms. Railway of Malatya to is 119 kms, to Diyarbakir is 234 km, to Kahramanmaras is 226 km, to Sivas’ is 252 km and to Erzincan is 361 km. At the same time, Malatya takes place in the national airways. Erhac airbase which was used as militaristic objective for many years and has begun to run for civilian airways since 1987 City map of Malatya and Civic Plan.