a. Position of Area
Agricultural Area : 425 045 Ha.
Forestry & Shrubbery : 112 705 Ha.
Grass & Meadow : 572 729 Ha.
Out of Agriculture : 120 827 Ha.
Total Area : 1 231 306 Ha
Extension of Agricultural Area
Total Agri-area 425 048 Ha.
Area of plantation 334 745 Ha.
Area of Plantation
- Ekilen Alan (178 551)
- Nadas (156 194)
Sebzelikler 3 404 Ha.
Meyvelikler 78 932 Ha.
- Kayısı (61 903)
- Diğer (17 029)
Bağlar 7 964 Ha.

b. Irrigation Status

425,045 hectares of agricultural land in Malatya, 391 541 hectares are suitable for irrigation. 198 715 ha of this (% 50.75) is irrigated.

Irrigated land area, 59 004 hectares of the public are carried out with irrigation.

State Water and Rural Services jobs in the ongoing construction of irrigation projects to be completed in 63 1 94 hectares of land will be opened more irrigation. Thus, the amount of land irrigated by up to 261 909 hectares, 67% of irrigated land, irrigation will be sufficient.

c. Crop Production

Primarily based on the production plant in Malatya, the apricot is. The average annual production of dried apricots 80 – 100 thousand tons. Ongoing construction of large irrigation projects being completed in around 50% of the dried apricot production is expected to increase. This is also against 70% in Malatya.Each year $130 – $150 million of foreign exchange to the economy with Apricot is available on entry.

However, the expansion of market opportunities, first by the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and soil conditions as possible to be trained in terms of diversification of agricultural products, projects are prepared for work needed in this regard have been initiated.

In this project, the county Yeşilyurt Starking cherry and apple, Hekimhan, Pütürge, Doğanyol, Darende Kuluncak and walnut cultivation in the district, the Arapgir, Yeşilyurt, with Pütürge districts connected to the Central District and the host town of around Beydağı grapes, strawberries in the castle district and provinces in the production of fodder crops for will be developed.

d. Livestock

Animals in Malatya, as supporters of more crop production, and only animals that are perceived to be a limited number of farmers. Due to the geographical structure of the work in Malatya fattening sheep, the ones common to the mountainous, plains in the development of more importance is given to Dairy Cattle. Because the current situation in the mountainous area of the animals küçükbaş not efficient enough, in the plain of the desired and expected in the Büyükbaş livestock production can not be right.

Especially in mountainous and forested areas malatya beekeeping activities are prevalent.


1. Course and Irrigation Çerkezyazısı: 14,481 ha in 1992 and the tender of the project. will irrigate the field. Physical fulfillment 82′dir%. The project cost 20.6 trillion TL. Completion date is 2001.

2. Malatya-Sultans water Arkıkebir Irrigation; be tendered in 1997 and is over 2 250 ha. area will be irrigated. 17% of the project to perform the physical. The project cost is 2.3 trillion TL. Completion date is 2001.

3. Kapıkaya Dam, the project is completed in 1998 tenders 3662 ha. area will be irrigated. Amount, 36.2 trillion TL to the project, to perform physical 16′dır%. Completion date is 2003.

4. Boztepe Project (Kuruçay); be tendered in 1997 and 10 606 ha. area will be irrigated. Project amount to 39.5 trillion TL and perform physical 16′dır%. Completion date is 2004.

5. Project Yoncalı; 12 045 ha. area to be irrigated, and in 1995 the tender for the project’s dam construction in progress, and to perform physical 41′dir%. The project cost is 96.3 trillion TL. Completion date is 2005.

6. GÖKPINAR Irrigation Construction; 6 061 ha. area to be irrigated in 1995 and was completed 42% of the tender the project. The project cost 23.8 trillion TL. Completion date is 2003.

7. Yarımcahan Irrigation Project; Karakaya Dam Lake for irrigation projects in the right coast, and has completed 7 524 ha. area will be irrigated. Karakaya Dam Lake will be provided with the Pompalj will be irrigated with water Yarımcahan Plain. In 2000, the unit price of the project cost with the plant 1 5.5 trillion TL, investment cost is 21.4 trillion TL.

2) Malatya-Adıyaman-Yeşilyurt Road Project

I – when the road project is complete, it will connect Malatya to the GAP region, , Malatya-Adıyaman-Yeşilyurt contraction will be a 70 km.lik. Project is complete and market access for raw materials of Malatya in Sanliurfa in the GAP with the center, the connection will be faster through Adıyaman.

I1. 1 Km to 55 Km line by line portion of the project was completed in Adiyaman. Malatya 1991 by the 22 kilometers long section of the auction, at the end of 1999 excluding the 2.5 kilometers long with a landslide 19.5 km. at the level of asphalt has been completed.

To ensure connectivity between Malatya Adıyaman-the remaining 34 km. in the way of the project is available and cost 10 trillion TL.

3) Nemrut Mountain Tourist Road Project

From domestic and foreign tourists each year attracts more attention instead of the shortest and easiest way Nimrod Oren Malatya are accessed through. But many, especially the route between Tepehan-Nemrut is insufficient. For this purpose, 94 kilometers (Elazığ-Malatya) Ayr.-Tepehan-of-Ayr.-Nemrut Dagi (Narince-Gerger) path of the project has been prepared. The project is complete Pütürge district of Malatya and Adıyaman’s Kahta District, Nemrut Dagi overland through connecting with each other, so that tourists coming to Malatya in the GAP region, tourists from Adiyaman de Malatya, Elazığ and other eastern provinces to the short way to go will be provided.


In Malatya province in the center of focus of the industry gained a certain momentum, a relative superiority in the industrial city of the formation and caught a circular cumulative unless the external economies and producers into the creation of services that is clear. For example, producers of services as a sector can be an indicator of self-occupation and the gross value added in services increased by 53%. Between 1987-1997 in 1997, all these activities in the region of Malatya province of the value added is created close to 30% has become.

Malatya province in the industry to capture a certain momentum in all the region is the fastest growing provinces. The total gross value added of the province between 1987-1997 in three (33.82%) increased.

This progress has come from these results. Recently made a breakthrough Malatya industry and other sectors, especially in the sectors linked back together has begun to drag. About this kind of industry momentum of Malatya is located in an agricultural plain to the judges and that a level of education can be measured in human resources have, as far as is caused by the more efficient. This is certainly the role of entrepreneurship. Shown on the last five years, industry performance malatya the specific sub-sectors of the industry has demonstrated the relative superiority. Development of services and producers of the industry is diversifying in Malatya collapse of the economy

Manufacturing Industry Sector Allocation of development points to the well.

3 to the public in Malatya, 131′i belong to the private sector, a total of 1 34 pieces of medium and large-scale industrial facilities are available. This facility is operating in the area of Industrial 86’sı. Moreover, 42 medium and large-scale industrial units in plant construction, and these 31 1st Organized Industrial Zone is located. Organized Industrial Zone are not started construction yet the 4. Industrial Region is under the Project yet.

Production of Selected Industrial Products

Sectors 1987 2000
Public Private Total Public Private Total
Food 2 4 6 1 57 58
Tobacco 1
1 1 - 1
Textile 1 3 4 1 38 39
Machinary - 1 1 - 15 15
Forestry. - 2 2 - 4 4
Stone-soil - 3 3
12 12
Plastic - 1 1
5 5
Total 4 14 18 3 131 134


Product Production Amount
Shugar 47 000 Ton/year
Cigarette 17 000 Ton/year
Cotton yarn 50 489 Ton/year
Weawing 59 744 000 Ton/year
Flour 176 000 Ton/year
Dried apricot 53 000 Ton/year
Lime 47 000 Ton/year